SRFACE Wetsuit


Description: Introducing a new surfing wetsuit created with the use of 3D scans and motion capture data. This incorporated both the body and the motions of the user in the design process.

Student Weet Raad


Description: The SWR consultancy is a unique opportunity for students to come into contact with practice in an easily accessible manner.

Marijn Carlijn Wedding Video


Description: This video captures a very special day for this wonderfull couple. 

Natuur Gevel Steen


Description: Welcome to the mountains of Macedonia. Working together with local's, Natuur Gevel Steen transformes the raw product of nature into building stones for modern architecture.

The Big Fish Little Pond Effect


Description: The Big Fish Little Pond Effect is part of the reference group theory of the education sociologist Merton. The effect occurs when children see the other children in class as a comparative reference group.